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IICRC Certified Restoration Experts

The restoration experts at Bright Restoration understand the urgency associated with water, fire, and flood damage, which is why we always respond quickly and with great seriousness. From the moment you call us, you can expect someone at your home within 1-2 hours. Within that time, we will work to understand the extent of your damage and assess whether it is safe for you to remain in your home. Our experts are IICRC certified, have years of experience, and are ready to take on any situation. There isn’t a job too big or small for our restoration experts.

Each member of our staff is committed to honest communication, transparency, and the safety of our clients. If we feel your property is unsafe we will insist that you move out temporarily for the safety of your family. Your safety is our top priority at every stage in the restoration process.

We are also very experienced working with insurance companies and will help you collect all the proper documentation. This can include photos and videos of your personal belongings, as well as an itemized list of all the work that was performed on your property. Our company uses an industry standard software called Xactimate, which most insurance companies will accept.

Dealing with your insurance company is one of the most challenging and sensitive aspects of any water damage event. Who hasn’t heard a horror story where an insurance company denied someone’s claim for a variety of reasons? Usually, it’s because the insured couldn’t deliver the right information at the right time and in the right way to his insurance company. It is almost always recommended to consult with a professional public adjuster who specializes in these types of claims, and we will be happy to refer you to the many talented professionals who are in our network and fighting on their client’s behalf every day.

If you’d like to be referred to an experienced public adjuster, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to make the introduction. We hope you consider us as a resource every step of the way. At Bright Restoration, we aim to be your trusted partner in the mitigation and restoration of your property.

Your Safety Is Our #1 Priority!

Your safety is our top priority at every stage in the mold remediation process. Before you do anything else, the first step is to determine if it’s safe for you to remain in your home. Mold can weaken your floors, walls, ceiling, which means that structural issues could be a cause for concern. Mold can cause health problems long before you see the visible signs of its presence. If you’ve been experiencing allergy like symptoms, sore throats, headaches or fatigue, they could be signs of long term mold exposure. Due to the speed of mold growth, it can appear in as little as 48 hours if you have untreated water damage. For now, the best thing you can do is avoid disturbing the mold growth until you can reach mold remediation professionals. Stay away from the affected rooms in your home and make note of areas where you’re noticing a strong, musty scent.

If it is safe to remain in your home, you may want to review some of the common risks and hazards of mold exposure. It’s important to take care of the health of your family and react quickly to potential problems.

With over 15 years of experience, Bright Restoration is one of the leading restoration services companies in Southern California.  Our IICRC certified professionals use state-of-the-art equipment and are quickly dispatched to deliver stunning results. We can help restore any home or office suffering from water damage, fire and smoke damagemold buildups, or flood damage. Reach out to us today

What Our Clients Say

“Michael dealt with our insurance company for us and got them to pay us for the entire project including the repairs! which saved us a huge headache! We were truly blown away by his level of professionalism. Water damage restoration in Los Angeles is a stressful process, but this team made sure that we were happy with the process every step of the way. So pleased with the work!”


“With the storm that hit LA recently, part of our ceiling in the living room caved in and unleashed all kinds of havoc. We were recommended Bright Restoration by a friends and we weren’t disappointed. From the moment these guys came to our home, we could tell they were experienced and professional. We felt safe in their hands every step of the process and you will too. Thanks, guys!”


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