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Fire Damage Emergency Tips

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Fire Damage Emergency Tips

After you’ve experienced a fire in your home, you may feel lost. Fires are heartbreaking and deeply traumatic, so it’s normal to be unsure where to start. At Bright Restoration, your safety is our number one concern. We’ve seen our fair share of fires and so we’ve prepared these fire damage tips to help you navigate the process.

Although it can be tempting to immediately reenter your home, you are at high risk for falls and electrical injuries after a house fire, and you need to wait until the fire marshal certifies that it is safe to be on the property. The next step is reaching out to your insurance company to alert them of what has transpired.

Only then do we suggest that you contact fire damage restoration professionals. It should be noted that time is of the essence for any home restoration project. For example, if the fire was put out using fire hoses, it’s very likely your home will have suffered water damage as well, and you may be at risk of mold if the area has been left wet for a few days.

Your restoration team will take care of clearing the debris, replacing walls and restoring any other damage you may have sustained. We suggest you make it a priority to understand what kind of documentation your insurance provider is going to require for your claim. You may need to take photos of everything to supplement your claim.

Fires can make you feel helpless, but there are some parts of restoration that you can contribute to yourself. You can assist in cleaning some household items such as dishes. It is very important to follow proper cleaning methods for any cookware. Dishes should be scrubbed thoroughly and soaked in a diluted bleach solution. We suggest using 2 tablespoons of bleach per gallon of water. Make sure you soak the cookware for at least 20 minutes and scrub them after soaking. Even if it does not look like your kitchen was affected by the fire, you should still clean your dishes, especially rubber or wooden cookware which can easily absorb smoke.

Clothing is another area where you can assist in the restoration efforts. Smoke damage is one of the most difficult lingering effects of fire damage. Be sure not to transfer soot to your clothing because it can create stains. The smell of smoke cannot be reliably removed by a standard washing machine, so we suggest speaking to a drycleaning company to determine if they’ve worked with post-fire laundry in the past. If they have the experience you’re looking for, you may need to invest in professional cleaning services.

We know that fire damage restoration is a difficult process to navigate, which is why we work to guide you through the process. We’ve done it before, and we’ll do everything in our power to make the situation better for you and your loved ones.

Common Causes of Fire

Fires can happen for a variety of reasons. In severe cases, the fire authorities will investigate the cause of the damage. Still uncertain about the origin of your fire damage? We recommend you read the common causes of fire and smoke damage.

Fire Restoration Process

From the first contact to site inspection and review to damage mitigation, clean up and repair, we’ve customized our process to help you fully restore your home and return your family to normalcy after fire damage.

Claims & Insurance

Fire damage restoration is difficult to deal with, even without the pressure of filing an insurance claim. We have over a decade of experience working with various insurance providers, and we'll help you navigate the claims and insurance process.

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