A fire can happen at any time, and the consequences are devastating. If a disaster hits, make sure you only work with professionals to repair the damage. Let the team at Bright Restoration help you with your fire remodel cost in Sherman Oaks. We have vast experience working with contractors and insurance companies.

Role of a fire restoration company

A fire restoration company is one of the first people you call after the fire in your home is put out. These companies assess your home and clean up and remove the damaged materials. Their goal is to remove the burned materials without causing any further damage to the property.

After a fire, your insurance company can suggest companies you should call to complete this task. If you find the referred companies do not meet your needs, don’t be afraid to search and find one that does. Most insurance policies cover the cost of a fire restoration company. However, don’t take too long to make your choice. The more you wait, the more aggravating the damages your property could incur.

Cost of a fire restoration remodel

This figure will vary widely. It all depends where in the home the fire was and how far the fire spread. A small kitchen fire can cost around $3000 to repair. The backsplash behind your stove can need replacing as can the stove and the hood. If the fire spreads to the cabinets and other parts of the kitchen, you can expect to pay $50,000 or more. Other rooms in the home will have different costs based on the damage. Our team can get you the best fire remodel cost in Sherman Oaks.

Fires in a structure are common during construction projects and residential renovations that lack proper fire safety equipment. In situations like those, the services of a fire restoration team are still valuable as they know how to dispose of the charred materials appropriately.

Staying in a home after a fire

It is not safe to stay in a structure after a fire until repairs are complete. For starters, the structure of the dwelling is not going to be secure. Just because the fire only affected a particular part of the home, does not mean the whole structure is safe. A professional must assess the home to know the full extent of the damage.

During a fire, smoke permeates every square inch of a structure. All possessions that are in the home will reek of smoke. Smoke can also linger in the air for days. The exposure to that smoke can trigger a whole host of health problems. Utilize your insurance benefits and stay in temporary housing.

Do you need to throw everything away after a fire?

That depends on where the fire was and what items came in contact with the chemicals used by firefighters. After a kitchen fire, you must discard all food items and start anew. Use that rule of thumb for any item that contacted firefighting chemicals and is not an item that cleans easily.

Don’t make your restoration process any more difficult. Contact the pros at Bright Restoration for help with your fire remodel cost in Sherman Oaks.

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