Water damage is terrifying for any homeowner. Let the professionals at Bright Restoration help guide you during this stressful time. We have multiple years in the water restoration business. Our experts will guide you through your flood insurance repair in Los Angeles.

Common causes of residential flooding

Floods are an awful experience, but sadly, a common one. Here are the most frequent reasons for flooding in a residential home.

  • Broken pipes-these can flood a home in an instant
  • Poor drainage-issues with sewer lines can back up quickly into your home
  • Clogged rain gutters-if not cleaned regularly, gutters will back up, and instead of taking water away from your home they will back up water into your home
  • Malfunctioning or a broken appliance-any appliance that has a water source (ex: dishwasher, washer) can wreak havoc on a home if they break or experience and issue with a hose.
  • Damage to the foundation of home-cracked foundations allow water to seep into the floor of a home, opening the structure up to flooding
  • Weather disasters- major rainstorms, hurricanes, etc. can cause water damage to a home through a variety of means

Outside of weather, regular maintenance will help you avoid these other situations that make home vulnerable to water damage.

Cost to repair water damage

This can vary wildly since water damage can reach so many parts of a home. After an incident with water, you may only need things dried out. Consider yourself, lucky! Water damage is usually quite far-reaching. If your home only needs fans to come in and dry it out, you can expect to pay between $2000-$3000. If you need services beyond that, it will escalate in price.

The price fluctuates based on what areas received damage from the water. After a flood, carpets and hardwoods can need repair or even replacing. Drywall is the same way. After drying, it can need replacing. These repairs can cost $7500 or more. Our team will work relentlessly to get you the best prices on flood insurance repair in Los Angeles.

Recovering from water damage

The first thing to consider is safety. Once the flooding stops, is it safe to be in your home? After assessing safety, then call your insurance company to determine your next steps and what your benefits cover.

After connecting with your insurance company, the cleanup begins. Hire a professional cleaning company to remove the damaged materials safely and to clean the areas to avoid mold growth.

Will insurance cover the water damage?

Most insurance policies cover the cost of most of the repairs. The majority of standard insurance policies cover water damage that is not the fault of the homeowner. However, insurance policies will not cover damage that is due to negligence. If you knew of the damage before it became an issue and did nothing to prevent it, you must pay the full cost of the damage.

Don’t leave something this important to individuals with no experience. Contact the professionals at Bright Restoration so we can help you with your flood insurance repair in Los Angeles.

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