It can be frightening to come home to the sight of water damage in your home. Not only is it inconvenient, but dangerous as well if there is exposure or damage in electrical wiring. It also causes extensive structural damage to a home. At Bright Restoration, we offer leak remediation in San Fernando Valley.

The causes of water damage in homes

Many causes are leading to water damage in homes, and most of them are due to faulty plumbing. Perhaps the most common cause is leaking or burst pipes in your home. This could be due to old pipes that need replacing or pipes that froze during winter and burst due to a lack of insulation.

Broken or faulty household appliances are also a common cause of water damage, such as washing machines, dishwashers, or hot water tanks. There could be problems in the hosing or plumbing within these appliances, causing extensive water leaks.

Another dreaded cause of water damage could be due to sewer backups or overflowing toilets. Sometimes sewer lines are unable to handle large volumes of sewage due to unexpected scenarios such as extreme weather so that the sewage could back up into your home.

Effects of water damage in your home

Water leaks or damage in your home can lead to more than just inconvenience. Leaving water damage untreated can lead to major structural damage in your home, paving the way too dangerous mold growth. This is in addition to the thousands of dollars you’ll need to spend on repairs.

Also, if the water damage is due to something like overflowing toilets or sewer backups, it can lead to harmful pathogens entering your home. If you can see visible signs of water damage, you should call a restoration company immediately before the problem spreads. Contact us if you are looking for leak remediation in San Fernando Valley.

Things you should do in the case of water damage

In an emergency, the vital thing to do is to keep calm and don’t panic. You should always put your safety first. So, if you suspect the water damage managed to reach your electrical outlets, keep a safe distance from them until you can contact your electrician.

If you can, try to unplug any unexposed electrical devices. Don’t try this if you have even the smallest suspicion that there is already water damage here. If you can reach the main fuse box, turn off the electricity at the main circuit breaker.

What are the costs of restoration?

The restoration process and its associated costs will obviously depend on the extent of water damage in your home. The first step consists of removing the water and dry your home.

Depending on the material affected, it may require specialty drying processes. But, we will mainly use pumps and special vacuums to remove the water.

We will then have to see what parts need replacing. This could include walls, flooring, HVAC systems, etc.

Are you looking for water leak remediation in San Fernando Valley? Contact us at Bright Restoration, and we can arrange for a free inspection.

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