People often underestimate the seriousness of mold growth in homes. However, this is because its growth is mostly invisible due to the microscopic size of spores. While some mold types are harmless, others can cause diseases and aggravate allergies. If you are looking for mold remediation in Van Nuys, you can trust the expertise of Bright Restoration.

Signs of mold in your house

Mold growth is one of those problems that become exponentially more difficult to deal with the longer you wait. So, it is important to look out for signs of mold as early as possible. The most obvious signs of mold are visible signs of it. You will often see dark or colored spots (bright green or yellow) in areas of great dampness, such as under sinks.

If you also have plumbing issues such as water leaks, you can bet there will be a mold problem that will follow briefly. You could also see your wallpaper starting to peel because there’s a lot of mold growth under it. Apart from visible signs, you can often also smell a musky odor that is characteristic of mold.

Allergic symptoms in humans due to mold

The biggest problem with mold is how it silently affects our health. Mold grows through the spreading of spores that are invisible to the eye. However, these spores and minuscule mold particles are airborne, so they can end up in our respiratory system when we breathe them in. If you find your asthma worsening or incessant allergies, mold could be the culprit.

It could get even worse if the particles get into your ventilation system and spread into other parts of the house. This is why it’s even more important to detect mold as soon as possible. If you believe there might be mold accumulation in your home and look for mold remediation in Van Nuys, contact us. A remediation company will remove mold from surfaces and the air in your home.

Common types of mold

We can often group and classify mold based on its color. For example, there is a green mold that could indicate species such as Penicillium, aspergillus, and Alternaria. These are prevalent types of allergenic mold.

There is also an orange mold that is slimier in texture and often grows on wood. So, any wood flooring is the perfect breeding ground for it. Black mold is the type that people have the most concerns about. In fact, some black mold can be quite toxic and lead to health issues.

What preventative measures can you take to minimize mold?

Mold flourishes in places that are dark, damp, and with bad ventilation. So, places like your basement are highly prone to mold growth. You must keep these areas clean, ventilated, and dry.

Open up the windows in damp areas like bathrooms and kitchens and fix plumbing issues swiftly. If you do encounter mold, avoid trying to rub it off without protective wear. You might end up spreading the spores even more.

Spotted some mold in your home and need mold remediation in Van Nuys? Call us at Bright Restoration.

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