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Where To Begin

Whether you’ve discovered the first spores or uncovered a wall of existing growth, mold damage is scary for any homeowner. Often the first sign of mold is a musty smell you can’t seem to clear. If your home is particularly humid, that may also create a moist environment leading to mold growth. If you see mold or suspect that it is present, you should call a professional immediately. Mold spreads through spores, which become airborne when growth is disturbed. We’ve been in the business of mold remediation for over 12 years and we are fully licensed, certified, and bonded. At Bright Restoration, no mold is too severe for us to take on. We’ve seen it all before, and we’ll be able to help you restore your home quickly and safely.

Your Safety Is Our #1 Priority!

Your safety is our top priority at every stage in the mold remediation process. Before you do anything else, the first step is to determine if it’s safe for you to remain in your home. Mold can weaken your floors, walls, ceiling, which means that structural issues could be a cause for concern. Mold can cause health problems long before you see the visible signs of its presence. If you’ve been experiencing allergy like symptoms, sore throats, headaches or fatigue, they could be signs of long term mold exposure. Due to the speed of mold growth, it can appear in as little as 48 hours if you have untreated water damage. For now, the best thing you can do is avoid disturbing the mold growth until you can reach mold remediation professionals. Stay away from the affected rooms in your home and make note of areas where you’re noticing a strong, musty scent.

If it is safe to remain in your home, you may want to review some of the common risks and hazards of mold exposure. It’s important to take care of the health of your family and react quickly to potential problems.

Mold Damage Tips

Before doing anything else, read this! Many homeowners exacerbate their mold problems due to improper handling at the first sign of mold. It's important to be educated on mold practices. Here are some tips you can follow right now!

Common Types of Mold

If you’re dealing with mold in your home, you probably know that mold comes in many different varieties. In fact, there are thousands of different mold species! We've created a guide to explore some common types of mold you may encounter.

Mold Remediation Process

From first contact, to site inspection and review, to containment, removal and air purification, we’ve customized the Bright Restoration mold remediation process help you fully repair your home quickly and responsibly.

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"Micky at Bright Restoration is so kind and helpful. He went out of his way making my kitchen look better than when I first moved into my home. I am so impressed with the quality of his work and work ethic, and highly recommend that if you call Bright Restoration that you ask for Micky."

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"I am very happy with their services. Micky was the one who came in to help restore the fire damage in the kitchen and he arrived withing 20 minutes of my call. He was very professional about the process and made sure that everything was taken care of. I am very thankful to them for all their hard work in restoring my kitchen from the fire damage!"

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