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Mold Remediation Process

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Mold Remediation Process

The discovery of mold can be quite a distressing experience for you and your family, which is why we are committed to honest communication and transparency every step of the way. Your comfort and sense of security is important to us, so we’ve provided a very detailed step-by-step guide to what you can expect when you contact us.  

First Contact

Mold is unsettling for any homeowner, but it’s important to remain calm. Although some strains of mold pose a health risk, it’s hard to determine the severity of the situation without appropriate testing. From the moment you call us, you can expect someone at your home within 1-2 hours. Before we arrive, we work to learn as much as possible about where and why you suspect you have mold growth in your home.

Site Inspection

Whether you’ve spotted a wall of growth or whether you’ve smelled mold but can’t detect the growth site, we’ll get to the bottom of it during our thorough site inspection. We carefully examine your property, working to locate both visible and hidden areas of growth. Due to the nature of mold, it can often be hidden from view. At this stage in the process, we are also working to target the source of the moisture creating the growth. In some cases, you may already know where the moisture is coming from, as would be the case if the mold is growing in your bathroom. In other cases, the culprit is not so easy to spot. We will utilize state-of-the-art moisture detection equipment to find even the most unlikely water sources. We may also take samples of the mold for testing. The site inspection helps us gather information about the moisture levels and the type of mold in your home. At the end of the inspection, we deliver a preliminary determination. In this determination, we attempt to identify the areas of moisture intrusion and mold growth.

Mold Containment

Due to the ease with which mold can spread, we take precautions to prevent the dispersal of spores. In extreme cases, we will create a negative air chamber. This prevents the spores from infecting air ducts, HVAC systems and other rooms in your home during the mold removal process. We also make sure to disable any air movement systems in your home that may accidentally circulate the mold spores. All of our technicians have special training to prevent the accidental spread of spores and mycotoxins.

Air Filtration

Air quality concerns are some of the biggest issues that emerge with the discovery of mold, so at this stage we utilize air filtration equipment. The vacuum we use is called a High Efficient Particulate Air vacuum, or HEPA vacuum for short. We test the quality of the air both before and after we perform air filtration. Our testing equipment provides a spore count, so we can determine how much mold is in the air. 

Mold Remediation

During the mold remediation stage, we are careful not to disturb the spores. If the mold has infested drywall, we cut around the affected area and remove it without ever disrupting the surface layer of mold. Although the standard approach to mold removal uses chemical solutions, we can provide the same quality solution with all natural, bio-degradable, non-toxic solutions. Our green solutions are safe to use around pets and family members who may have sensitivity to certain chemicals. We also attempt to extract mold from porous materials using the HEPA vacuum. 

Site Clean-up

Clearing your home of odor and debris is just as important as removing visible mold. Depending on the severity of the mold, your remediation specialist will utilize a wide range of cleaning techniques to salvage your belongings. Our highly trained technicians are experts when it comes to removing odors, and they will get your home back to smelling like normal in no time at all.


If we have disposed of any building materials such as flooring, drywall, insulation, or furniture, we will restore it at this stage in the process. We will also handle smaller repairs, which may include painting, adding new ceiling trim or replacing baseboards. You’ve worked hard for your home and your possessions, so we take great care to replace only what we cannot salvage and to restore whenever we can.


Mold Damage Tips

Before doing anything else, read this! Many homeowners exacerbate their mold problems due to improper handling at the first sign of mold. It's important to be educated on mold practices. Here are some tips you can follow right now!

Common Types of Mold

If you’re dealing with mold in your home, you probably know that mold comes in many different varieties. In fact, there are thousands of different mold species! We've created a guide to explore some common types of mold you may encounter.

Risks and Hazards

Most people can safely be exposed to small amounts of mold without experiencing adverse effects, but you can never be too careful with children, pregnant women, and the elderly. Here are some risks and hazards of exposure.

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