As you search for the right mold removal company in Los Angeles, consider Bright Restoration for our mold expertise. We’re renown as one of the most reputable water damage and mold remediation companies in the greater LA area, with affordable services to remove mold and make sure it doesn’t come back. After a flood or leak in your roofing system, it’s important to check for mold- we offer a free mold inspection to locate and identify harmful mold growing in your home or place of business.

Do I Need to Worry About Mold in My Home?

If you suspect mold or have seen the presence of mold growing underneath carpets or flooring, behind wallboards, or around moisture-laden areas, like sinks or tubs, you may feel anxious or apprehensive about what will come next. Relax and call Bright Restoration’s hotline immediately and we’ll dispatch a mold specialist to your premises. A sudden odor of mold could mean a disruption of mold growth that could cause it to become airborne, leading to a host of health problems. Calling in an expert is your first line of defense when dealing with mold.

Can I Remove Mold Without Professional Help?

Unfortunately, for every visible sign of mold, there is an underlying presence that is larger than what you’re able to see. A mold problem calls for experience and expertise in identifying the type of mold and the cause of its presence. In most cases where mold is present, there is a moisture problem from a leak in plumbing, in the building roofing system, or from past flooding that was not correctly addressed. Our experts know what to look for and how to best deal with moisture issues and the presence of mold. We’re widely regarded as the best mold removal company in Los Angeles.

What Sets Us Apart From the Crowd

Bright Restoration brings more experience to the table when dealing with damaging mold- and unlike other mold removal companies, we don’t charge for the mold inspection. You won’t spend a penny getting to the bottom of your mold problem when you reach out to Bright Restorations- there’s no cost or obligation attached to our inspection process. If we find mold and moisture problems, we make recommendations and offer our professional advice on how to best proceed. Still, you’re free to hire any mold removal company in Los Angeles to tackle the problem.

Free Resources Online

Click the ‘Mold’ link on our website’s homepage to find Emergency Tips when finding mold growing in your home or business. We’ll also provide information about the risk and hazards of living with mold that goes undetected and unresolved. Feel free to revisit our website any time you want to take advantage of our links and information- or call us with your questions. We can come out the same day you call to provide a thorough mold inspection. We’re highly skilled in working with insurance companies to help reduce out-of-pocket costs involved with mold removal and remediation.

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