Water damage in your home can be an inconvenient and costly problem to deal with it. However, if you don’t tackle it, it can cause extensive damage to your home’s structural integrity and lead to worse problems like mold. If you are searching for a restoration company for water damage in Sherman Oaks, contact Bright Restoration.

How restoration companies determine the level of water damage

The lowest level of water damage will be if only a part of a room has damage but not any major structural parts like flooring or the walls. The next level of damage would be if the water reached the flooring and seeped into the walls. Here, this affects the structural foundation of your home, and repairs may be costlier.

The next level of damage would if the water seeped into the walls and saturated it to the point that it reaches the ceiling as well. If the flooring, ceiling, and walls all have water damage, the restoration process would be lengthier and costlier. If the water reached certain types of materials like hardwood or concrete, they might need special drying techniques.

The main steps in the restoration process

While the exact procedures will depend on the extent and location of water damage, there are some general steps you can expect from a restoration company. Firstly, the company will come and inspect your home to gauge the level of water damage.

They will then remove the water as fast as possible using specialized vacuums and pumps. Delays in this step can lead to the harmful growth of bacteria and mold. After this, there will be the drying and dehumidification procedures to remove any remaining moisture.

Next, your belongings will need cleaning and antimicrobial treatments to prevent mold growth. Things like carpeting, rugs, drapery, and upholstery will need specialized treatments. Finally comes the restoration process, which is the longest and most expensive process. This will depend on how much damage there is and what needs replacing (drywall, ceiling, flooring, etc.).

The ideal water damage restoration company

The most important thing is to look for a company as close as possible to where you live so that they can reach you easily in an emergency. If you are dealing with water damage in Sherman Oaks, contact us.

Of course, you need to consider their level of expertise. How long were they in the business? Do they have excellent customer testimonials or references? Also, be sure to check their licensing and credentials.

What are the common water-damaged areas?

Depending on where your water damage is, it will affect the restoration process. One of the most common areas is the carpeting and flooring. Carpets are excellent breeding grounds for bacteria, so you should tackle this as soon as possible.

Water damage in the walls generally happens over long periods. However, when it does occur, it is one of the most expensive things to restore. You can expect to see some mold growth here.

Are you looking for a restoration company that tackles water damage in Sherman Oaks? Contact Bright Restoration for a free inspection.

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