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Common Water Damage Locations

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Common Water Damage Locations

The first step of any water damage restoration job is to try and identify the source of the water damage. Otherwise, it becomes more difficult to identify all the areas that may have been affected by the water leak. To help you locate and stop the water source, we’ve compiled a list of the most likely places to find water damage.



Water damaged walls and unsightly water stains are a common problem for homeowners. This type of water damage tends to occur slowly, expanding over long periods of time. As a result, you may uncover mold growth throughout the water damage restoration process. A professional restoration company can monitor the entirety of the drying process using advanced tools and infrared imagining. This is helpful because it can help prevent secondary or structural damage.


Your ceiling has a variety of vulnerabilities. If your roof has been compromised, water can quickly leak through, saturating the attic as well as drywall and building structure. The ceilings of the lower stories in your home can also be damaged by upper-level plumbing leaks or flooding.


Basement water damage is an unfortunately common occurrence. Like the ceiling, the basement has many different vulnerabilities. Some potential causes include: sewage backup, broken pipes and leaking washing machines.

Carpeting & Flooring

Carpet water damage and other damp flooring could be a sign of a burst pipe. All moisture has a cause, and that cause must be located and addressed before restoration begins. When you simply dry your flooring without treating the cause of the damage, you can expect the problems to reoccur.

Water Damage Scenarios

Flooding can happen at any time, leaving you knee-deep in water damage. Every circumstance is different, which is why we customize solutions to fit your property. Uncertain about the origin of your water damage? Check for the following common water damage scenarios.

Our Work Process

Water damage can be quite an unsettling experience for you and your family, which is why we are committed to honest communication and transparency. From first contact to water extraction to drying we’ve customized our process to meet your needs and restore your home.

Claims & Insurance

Water damage is difficult to deal with, even without the pressure of filing an insurance claim. We have over a decade of experience working with claims and insurance companies, and we'll become your trusted partner, helping you to navigate the process with your insurance company.

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