Water damage can damage important structural elements in your house, such as the flooring, ceiling, and walls of your home. You should tackle these issues swiftly before it does further structural damage, which will need even greater repairs. Contact us at Bright Restoration if you have issues with water damaged flooring in Los Angeles.

Checklist of things to look for in a water damage restoration company

First on your list of priorities should be the location. Pick a company close to you and also offers emergency restoration services. This will make it easier for them to reach you with their equipment in an urgent case.

Next, you should enquire about their extent of experience. How many years of experience do they have in the restoration business? Do they deal with the type of damage and materials in your home?

Most importantly, don’t forget to inquire about their licensing and insurance information. Do they have well trained, insured teams? Will they help you with your own insurance claim for the water damage? You should check for local references from past clients as well.

How companies classify water damage

When determining the type of water damage, you should look at both the extent of damage and the source of the damage. For the extent of damage, how many rooms in the house has water damage? Is there water damage in important structural parts like walls and ceilings? If you are dealing with water damaged flooring in Los Angeles, contact us.

The greatest extent of damage would be if walls reach saturation, and both the flooring and ceiling have damage too. This will require replacing parts of the walls and flooring, which could be expensive.

For the type of damage, consider where the water is coming from. If it is coming from a ‘contaminated’ or ‘dirty’ source like the toilets, sinks, and washing machines, it will require more extensive restoration.

When to call a restoration company

As with any issue, the earlier you inform them, the easier and cheaper it will be. Also, don’t wait for an emergency to happen to find a restoration company. Screen a few beforehand and have their contact details at hand.

It only takes minutes for structural elements to absorb water and reach saturation. Within the first 24 hours, the drywall can swell and begin deterioration. By waiting longer than a week, your restoration costs will increase exponentially.

Do I need a professional flood restoration company?

This will depend on the extent and location of the damage. If only one room has water damage, you can probably carry out the restoration yourself. However, if you special types of material with water damage (such as concrete, hardwood, etc.), they may require special treatment techniques.

A professional company will have the right tools to deal with various types of damage. Call them and inform them of your type of damage, with details of any special materials or fixtures affected.

Are you struggling with water damaged flooring in Los Angeles? With over a decade in the water and fire restoration business, you can trust Bright Restoration to fix it.

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